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    Payroll Compliance Software Solutions

    As one of the most regulated areas of any business, payroll compliance is no joking matter. However, with so many laws and ever changing regulations, how are you supposed to keep up or even know which ones affect your company?

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    Enter Namely

    Never worry about being compliant with local, state, and federal laws again. Our payroll compliance software helps businesses adhere to COBRA, ACA, and ERISA. Have another regulator? No problem! Our expert consultants have years of experience partnering with our clients to ensure they are fully supported.
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    Reduce Company Liability

    Namely offers a real-time view into your pay equity, allowing you to make certain your compensation is fair and equitable. Compensation and wages are based on tier, tenure, salary, department, and more to help enforce pay equity.

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    Having Withholding Woes?

    We understand your frustrations with changing tax rates and state rules. That’s why Namely’s payroll tax compliance software stays up-to-date with federal, state, and local withholding policies. Plus, we also handle the calculations for your out-of-state employees.

    Ease the Payroll Reporting Process

    Stop wasting precious time by streamlining your payroll reporting process. Automate communication with your insurance providers when you set up feeds to notify them of employment changes and elections.

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